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- Fiskars 9668 Long Handle Digging Shovel

Product Description

The British and their stiff-upper lips usually garden in proper boots. But Americans prefer sneakers, sandals and flip-flops. Guess which shovel works best for how you like to garden? This iron horse of shovels features all steel construction, a welded-on, pre-sharpened blade, and is powder coated to prevent rust. The oversized step allows you to get your quads in on the digging action, no matter what your footwear preference. The teardrop handle is much easier on your hands. The rounded, slightly pointed blade is used for heavy-duty digging, preparing planting holes and removing sod or soil. Lifetime warranty.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1296 in Lawn & Patio
  • Brand: Fiskars
  • Model: 9668
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 57.50" h x8.60" w x3.25" l,6.00 pounds


  • Oversized step provides a secure and comfortable platform for your foot, allowing you to use your stronger leg muscles
  • Pre-sharpened blade cuts through the ground easier
  • Teardrop-shaped handle is easier to grip and reduces hand fatigue
  • Shovel blade is welded to the shaft for additional strength
  • Powder-coated steel prevents rust and is easy to clean

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews

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5One of the best tools you'll ever use.
By InsightStraight
I saw the Fiskars shovel described as "The Perfect Shovel" in Mother Earth News. On that basis I tracked one down at the local hardware superstore.

Just came in from using it yet again and I can say that it is the best shovel I have ever used, a superior tool in every way. The built-in (wide and textured) stomp edge makes it easy to stand upon for penetration, the one-piece handle has no rough/pinch points, and the shape of the blade is a good balance between penetration and load capacity. The blade makes short work of roots -- I have many times easily gone through roots over 2 inches, roots which previously would have seen me resorting to another tool. (The first time I sliced through a thick root with it my jaw actually dropped, and I checked to see if the root was rotten.) I have also used the shovel in situations where I really should have gone to get a prybar, with no sign of stress on the shovel.

I've had this shovel for going on 2 years now, and the only signs of wear are the powder-coating is worn off back from the tip a few inches and scratched off the back of the handle. That's it -- no nicks, bends, or tip wear in the blade, no bends in the handle. And as I write this I realize this is the first shovel that I have never had to sharpen. There has been no tendency to rust.

The shovel comes with a plastic sleeve starting at the blade and going about a foot up the handle. During one heavy session this sleeve sliced on a sharp rock and peeled back from the handle. But this had no effect on comfort in using the shovel -- the handle is smooth and well-shaped anyway. (The shape of the handle makes for less hand fatigue than a round handle.)

This shovel has seen steady use around our property. We have riverbed soils here, which means mixed sand, gravel, pockets of clay, and the occasional head-sized rock. The Fiskars shovel handles all of them equally well.

The shovel is a bit heavier than a wooden-handled one, but no heavier than some "industrial-strength" models I have used. I think the extra weight is far offset by the efficiency in digging, and the way it handles roots. (The ease of cutting roots would alone make this an ideal shovel for many people.)

I do a lot of digging, and have used (and used up) many shovels over the years. After trying the Fiskars shovel, I can't see ever using anything else -- a good thing, since I am likely to have this one for life, the way it is holding up. Casual users might not want to deal with the extra weight, but I think any farmer, rancher, laborer, serious gardener, or homesteader would instantly recognize its superior qualities once it was in their hands and would value having one.

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4A tank!
This shovel is definitely not a toy. It's big and it's heavy, but it's strong and looks like it will last many years. I've used it for normal gardening and landscaping. It's got a curve and a point so it's not great for edging, but it will turn up clay and move plenty of dirt. The shaft is shaped like a teardrop so it's comfortable, but I'm a tall guy and I'm not sure how it will fit in smaller hands.

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4I broke it. But they're honoring their lifetime warranty!
By M. Chugh
After having broken maybe 6 wooden or fiberglass-handle shovels, I have acquired the "wisdom" that you get what you pay for. I admit, I used it to pry out a tree stump, so it's my fault, but this product first bent along the shaft, and then ultimately sheared and broke near the weld. That said, it has been the best shovel I've owned, and even if it didn't come with a warranty, I would probably go back and buy the same thing. Now for the amazing part...

I called up their customer service, and within 3 minutes, they had my shipping information and told me they are sending me a brand new one! They didn't even want the old one back. Wow! I am now a huge fan of this brand and will be replacing my other tools with Fiskars, which all seem to be well-designed, built, and come with a lifetime warranty.

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